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N2 Designs Add-On Smart Phone Module for Unlimited Range Vehicle Control (USA/CAN) -4G/LTE


Start your vehicle from anywhere in world!

This Universal Smart App based module works with our kit, and many more brand name remote starters. Please specify if your are purchasing this smart module with our remote start kit, or already have our (or another brand) remote start kit installed via selection options when adding to cart, and if you don't see it listed, please call Toll Free (833) NTWOINC (689-6462) or email us at and we'll double check to ensure it's compatible for you!

Our Smart Phone module is the link between your phone and your vehicle. Once the free app is downloaded to your phone, you will be able to control your vehicle from virtually anywhere you have cell service! You will be able to remote start/stop your engine, lock/unlock your doors, and if your vehicle is equipped with other OEM FOB options/controls such as windows roll down, trunk pop, (if supported by firmware) right from your smart phone! With built in GPS, you can even locate your vehicle in real time, at any time, in the case of theft, forgetting where you parked, or even tracking your teenage driver included in the plan below!

Full Plug & Play harness to connect the Smart Phone module to our remote start kits. No wiring whatsoever!


  • Compatible with all of our remote start kits, as well as many major name brand remote starts.
  • Use your smart watch (currently Apple only; Android coming soon) to do the same thing as your phone!
  • Remote start
  • Remote stop
  • Remote start count down timer
  • Lock doors
  • Unlock doors
  • Door lock status (shows if doors are locked or unlocked)
  • Trunk pop (if vehicle OEM FOB is equipped with electronic trunk release button)
  • Windows Roll Down (if vehicle OEM FOB is equipped with option)
  • Real time GPS location (select between Google map or street view)
  • Battery voltage display
  • App can be installed on multiple phones/devices
  • Can add multiple vehicle to one app (HIS & HERS for example)
  • 4G/LTE Cellular Coverage Chipset (Backwards Compatible w/ 3G)
  • Works in the entire N. America - Including Canada, USA & MEXICO

Network Information

  • United States modules operates on the AT&T/T-Mobile 4G/LTE network - Fastest in the market!
  • Canada automatically connects to Bell, Rogers or Telus 4G/LTE - - Fastest in the market!
  • Puerto Rico automatically connects to AT&T/T-Mobile 4G/LTE - Fastest in the market!
  • You DO NOT need to have AT&T cell phone service for this module to work! You only need to be connected to WiFi or have mobile signal (ie 3G/4G/LTE and so on from any mobile phone service provider).

Subscription Fee

  • First year FREE
  • Yearly Renewal Rate - $39/year with an option for 3 Years at $99 (Saves $20).
  • In app renewal after your first free year nears it's end. 


Do not purchase this product and our RF (Long Range fob kit add-option)at the same time, you can only use one or the other, meaning purchasing this smart phone option add on to your remote starter purchase is ok, but purchasing this product AND along range RF fob kit) will not work; its one or the other. Furthermore, if you would like to add this to your remote start kit AND already have anRF (long range) fob kit, you will need to permanently disconnect thelong range RF fob kit to be able to add this smart phone module option add on OR add a 2 position non-momentary/latched-type rocker/selector switch (to act as a kill switch for one, while powering up the other). Example use for this scenario is for those that camp or overland frequently in very rural campsites in which phone service is non-existent, but the RF signal would work up to a half mile away, but then live in populated areas/city where cellular reception is abundant.

  • Model: N2-MYC4G-U
  • Manufactured by: N2 Designs

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