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Brand new technology from an already leading manufacturer of LED lighting, VisionX just introduced the Xmitter Prime Iris Series of light bars in May of 2014! Also known as XPI (Xmitter Prime Iris), this new generation of LED Light bars introduces two unique features not included on prior Vision X light bars: Vision X IRIS reflector technology and dual mounting options -- both their patented feet mount system and end mount brackets are included standard with every light Xmitter Prime Iris Light Bar so how you choose to mount it is up to you and the hardware is ready to go. The XPI series is available in 7 different lengths ranging from 11.5” to 51”, and comes with a single beam option. The technology: The 5-watt LEDs in the Xmitter Prime light bars are paired with IRIS reflector technology to project usable light further than ever before possible. The IRIS reflector technology uses deeply recessed reflectors in the bar to achieve unmatched distance in a light of that size. The XPI light bars create usable light distances unmatched by other LED bars on the market. In fact, the 51" 27 LED light bar produces 1,600ft of usable light. Also new with the Xmitter Series light bars is the use of tilting reflectors, allowing the outer 3 LEDs on each end of the light bars (sizes above 6 LED) to tilt out to create a mixed or combo beam pattern. This capability increases the spread of the light creating even more visibility for the driver.
  • Model: XPI-6
  • Manufactured by: Vision X

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