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All-Pro Off-Road Extended Harness for CKMA12 & CKMA24 ARB Compressors


You like simple and so do we! Mount your on-board air compressor anywhere you want with the All-Pro Off-Road Extended Harnesses for ARB Compressors. 

The short wiring harnesses that come with ARB compressors make them difficult to mount in the bed of your truck. Having your compressor right in the bed makes it easier to access for tire inflation while still allowing it to be used for locker activation. At roughly 18' long, making this the longest on the market, All-Pro's Extended ARB Harnesses are perfect for not only 2005-Current Toyota Tacomas, but almost any other vehicle as well due to its universality. 

Unlike the competitors, each harness comes standard with wiring for both compressor and locker solenoids. Another bonus is that the compressor harnesses include an integrated switch circuit that allows you to mount a rocker switch in the bed, the cab, or both to control the compressor. Both switches are independent of one another so the compressor can be turned on even if the other switch is in the “OFF” position. Switches are not included. 

The harness is supplied with connectors already installed requiring no special tools to connect the harness to the compressor. Wiring is appropriately sized for voltage and amperage requirements for the corresponding compressor model. Only correct automotive grade wiring is used throughout. 

Available for both single and twin ARB on-board air compressors. Harness for CKMA12 & CKMA24 ARB Compressors

  • Model: ap-308464
  • Manufactured by: All-Pro Off-Road

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